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T-Pol 1050

Description of Product:
T-POL 1050, is a low viscosity, two components, liquıd, multi-purpose polyurea based coating and waterproofing material.
Usage places:
• On concrete and cement-based mineral surfaces
• Heat resistance performance in wide temperature ranges is between -40°C +90°C
• It can be easily applied in closed areas
• In wet processing areas in laboratories, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
• Factories, storage and assembly areas
• Marina areas and boats

Advantages: • It has excellent mechanical properties.
• It exhibits effective resistance against chemicals.
• It does not contain toxic substances after curing.
• It is effective in water vapor permeability: Since the film breathes, moisture accumulation does not occur under the floor.
• Its thermal resistance is excellent, the product never softens. Maximum service temperature is 90°C, maximum shock temperature is 200°C.
• It is easy to apply.
• Covers static cracks.
• It is liquid impermeable.
• It is hygienic and easy to clean.
• Resistant to mechanical loads, abrasion and chemicals.
• Resistant to cold: The film maintains its elasticity down to -40°C.
• Even if the T-POL1050 is damaged in any way, the damaged part can be easily repaired in a short time.
• Although it does not require thinning, polyurethane thinner can be used depending on the conditions.

Storage: Store in original sealed containers in a cool dry environment at temperatures between +5⁰C and +30⁰C. Do not put excessive loads on top of the products, which would damage the packaging.
Part A: 25,5 kg. net – Part B:1,5 kg. net
Total: Part A+B: 27 kg. net – Part A+B: 28,50 kg. gross

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