Epoksi Kaplama Ürünleri

T-Pox 2500 EM

Description of Product:
T-POX 2500 EMM is a epoxy based, solvent free, 2 component screed, patching and repair mortar. The material can be used as a floor coating screed. Also partial repair or patching of industrial coatings is possible. The material is sand colored as standart and can be tinted with suitable pigments.
• Tough hard, resistant to impact
• High mechanical strength
• High abrasion resistance
• Physiological harmless after curing
• Solvent free
• Shrinkage free curing

Fields of Application:
• As a floor coating screed
• As a repair mortar for concrete surfaces like industrial floor, loading areas, dilatation joints etc
• As a bedding or underfilling mortar
Storage: Store in original sealed containers in a cool dry environment at temperatures between +5⁰C and +30⁰C. Do not put excessive loads on top of the products, which would damage the packaging.
Part A: 20,00 kg. net – Part B: 1,00 kg. net
Total: Part A+B: 21 kg. net – Part A+B: 23,25 kg. gross
Part A: 10kg. net – Part B: 0,5 kg. net
Total: Part A+B: 10,5kg. net – Part A+B: 12,05 kg. gross
*Barrels are available if requested.

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