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T-Pox 2800 ZR

Description of Product:
T-POX 2800 ZR , is a low viscosity, two-part , Is zinc rich epoxy primer.
Product Features:
• Excellent adhesion
• High corrosion resistance
Scope of application:
• Any kind of metal surface against corrosion used to protect.
• Epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea based application of materials to metal surfaces .Used as primer.
• Bridges and dams
• Structural steels ,
• Tanks and pipes exterior ,
• Refinery and industrial facilities ,
• Other exposures subjected to high humidity, salty or fresh water.

Features / Advantages:: • High level of corrosion due to high zinc content provides resistance,
• Cathodic thanks to zinc content on metal surfaces provides protection,
• Low viscosity and easy to apply,
• The water is impermeable,
• For abrasion and breakage after taking the product becomes very durable,
• Bases, acids, diluted salt solutions, resistant to grease and petroleum products and Impermeable.
Storage: Store in original sealed containers in a cool dry environment at temperatures between +5⁰C and +30⁰C. Do not put excessive loads on top of the products, which would damage the packaging.
Part A: Part B:=7/1
Total: Part A+B: 25 kg. net – Part A+B: 27,55 kg. gross
*Barrels are available if requested

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