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T-Pox 3400 CR

Description of Product:
T-POX 3400 CR, chemical resistant, solvent-free, two-component epoxy resin based , coating.
Product Features:
Good adhesion to all kinds of metal and concrete surfaces, high resistance to friction, has a high chemical and mechanical resistance and forms a hard film. The film surface is bright and slippery. Easy to clean, does not contain bacteria, does not dust, does not harm health. It is resistant to dilute acids, dilute and concentrated alkalis, cleaning detergents and disinfectants, vegetable, mineral and animal oils, sea water, diesel oil, gasoline, alcohol and many other solvents.
Fields of application:
Especially in waste water plants,coating applied to cement based surfaces.
It is material.
• treatment plants
• waste water pipes
• biogas plants
• Oil plants (inside and outside)
• Corrosion protection in iron-steel structures use as overlay

Advantages: • Solvent free.
• It is very hard after drying, getting damaged and scratch resistant.
• Tiksotropi is.
• Against weather conditions, water, waste water, sea water, It is resistant.
• High abrasion resistance.
• Diluted acids, cleaning products, diluted resistant to salts and mineral oils.
• Resistant to water, waste water and sea water.
• Diluted alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oil, against petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel It is resistant.
Storage: Store in original sealed containers in a cool dry environment at temperatures between +5⁰C and +30⁰C. Do not put excessive loads on top of the products, which would damage the packaging.
Part A: / Part B =7/1
Total: Part A+B: 25 kg. net – Part A+B: 27,50 kg. gross
*Barrels are available if requested.

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