Epoksi Kaplama Ürünleri

T-Pol 3400

Description of Product:
T-POL 3400, is a low viscosity, solvent-free, two components, liquıd, multi-purpose polyurethane based coating and waterproofing material.
Fields of Application:
• Interior and exterior spaces
• On concrete and cement based mineral surfaces
• Manufacturing, warehousing and storage
• Concrete warehouses
• Water tanks
• Surfaces in direct contact with drinking water

Advantages: • Low viscosity
• Ultrahigh bond strength
• Solvent free
• Excellent penetration and adhesion ability
• Easy application
• Covers static cracks
• Creates jointless and a seamless surface with its monolithic application
• Provides smooth and decorative surface
Storage: Store in original sealed containers in a cool dry environment at temperatures between +5⁰C and +30⁰C. Do not put excessive loads on top of the products, which would damage the packaging.
Part A: 16 kg. net – Part B:4 kg. net
Total: Part A+B: 20 kg. net – Part A+B: 22,55 kg. gross

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